Saturday, July 10, 2010

Matching Big sister- baby sister clips

Grey yoyo clips. medium & large
White multi-layered flower clips- Large & small
Cream Rosettes- small & large.


jill s said...

i want some rosette clips!!

i'll trade you some vintage buttons + fabric + ribbon + lace.

Traci said...

I want rosette clips tooooooo!!!!!!!!

Tim and Amy said...

super cute. i think you should email your out-of-state sistas your business card. it looks cute but can't see all the details. you are def keeping busy with this all. nice job.

mindy said...

by the way- pictures courtesy of lindsay riggs :) i had forgotten to take a picture before i delivered her order

Tahnee said...

oh my gosh is that your business card?????????? to die for. so cute :)